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5 top landscaping and gardening trends for 2021

2020 has brought many changes for businesses worldwide, but one thing that has become more crucial is the importance of having an enjoyable space to relax and unwind in at home after a hard day at work. In our blog, we’re going to share five top landscaping and gardening trends that have been predicted for 2021, including small spaces, inside outside living, and raised garden beds.

Research conducted by Love the Garden and shared by Country Living analysed the most popular 100 hashtags on Instagram to uncover the next big trend in gardening. And, with Instagram becoming increasingly popular with gardening and landscaping enthusiasts, where better for their research to have begun?

Well, let’s dive straight in…

1) Balcony gardening

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Research found that one in eight households in the UK have no access to private or shared gardens. Where city-living often comes with less outdoor space, most people accept that but for some that doesn’t stop the craving for nature and the outdoors. Instead, people have embraced a space-saving alternative to a garden and as a result, balcony gardening is set to be on the rise in 2021.

The team described: "You have plenty of choice to make this functional space really come alive, whether you opt to make the most of an array of timbers on your balcony, go for minimalist design, or choose to go all out with a wildlife oasis.”

2) Wild gardens

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"For many people this year, gone are the days of pruning, mowing and meticulous garden maintenance. The second biggest trend in our up-and-coming list is the wild garden."

Whether you choose to allow a patch of your lawn to grown into its own or opt for wildflowers as a feature, a wild garden is the perfect opportunity to create an environment for insects and wildlife to thrive and flourish. Some of the go-to plants to get your green fingers on include single-flowering varieties of plants and open flowers, too.

3) Inside outside living

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If you haven’t noticed the increase in popularity for inside outside-living, then where have you been? The ‘buzz’ around outdoor living spaces has really captured people’s imaginations recently, with gardens showing subtle homage to the popular rooms of the house or even, giving the interior of your home a run for its money. We’ve even seen televisions and kitchens making an appearance, so we’re really not surprised that it's one of the key trends for 2021.

"The inside outside garden trend is all about creating flow from your inside space to your outdoor space, so one naturally flows into the other. The garden should feel like an extension of the home. Both your interior and exterior design must work in harmony."

4. Tiny gardens

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For many, the luxury of space may not be in their favour, but 2021 is predicted to show a household making the most of the space that they do have – regardless of the shape or size. Some of the plants to have in mind are long-flowering perennials, evergreens and climbers. Not forgetting garden features including bespoke cedar screening and natural stone paving.

The team included: "With a tiny garden, it's all about making the space look bigger. Options include growing up to use your vertical space, laying borders, having clear pathways, and creating specific zones or outdoor rooms."

5. Raised garden beds

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Raised garden beds present the perfect opportunity to add dynamic to your garden where you may be restricted by space. This environment or setup gives flexibility to those who want to try their hand at gardening, while making the most of the space they have and not overfilling it. This set up can also help you to create different areas of your garden, without making the space feel small, cramped or claustrophobic.

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